Monday, June 29, 2009

West Covina Nissan to the rescue...

Thank you very much for the tent...

Everyone, Including the students appreciates your support!!!

Thanks again to Inland Drift, Drift Day staff and all of our sponsors..

Nexen Tires
Spec Clutch
Megan Racing
Baker Precision
City Tire online
Aspec products

Thursday, June 25, 2009

When is the next Drift Day?

Ya Ya.... I know... SHHHHH..

It will be soon.. I promise

Old school photo of the week....

Not really an Old photo but I just miss my M30 once in a while...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Another day.. Another interview....

Cyrus.. You take crappy photos... Trying to look cool but it didn't work... The Nexen polo made me look more professional...

Still had dirty finger nails though...

I wanted to thank Driftspeed for letting us use their place to film..

Thanks to Ryan, Quoc and Cyrus for taking the time too.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Yoshie's car in the XXR catalog

I actually found it on Amanda Lam xanga (who still uses xanga?)

Yoshie and I designed the graphics... I think it came out pretty cool even though they photochopped the wheels after...

We would like to thank God, our agents and everyone who supported us from the beginning.

Thank you and god bless...

Great little clip of Michael Essa...

I am sure he would like to thank all of the people that made it happen for him..

God, his agent and everyone that believed in him...

Thank you Michael and God bless.

Got the motor in today!!!

Just installed the motor... I would like to thank a few people that made it happen....

I would like thank god, my agent and everyone who believed in me...

Thank you and god bless...

And the Stig is......

Michael Schumacher....

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Mission accomplished....

Pulled out a motor today.. This is probably the 4th time I have pulled the motor out this car..

Hopefully, I will have another put in the car by Wednesday....

Yay for diesel...

I think I am going to start driving my diesel truck more often now...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Nexen joins the Megan Competition!!!

Nexen Tires is now sponsoring the Megan Competition by offering 8 tires to winner!

Thank you Nexen Tires.

For more information about Nexen Tires, please go to
For more information about the Megan Racing Competition contact Cyrus Martinez at

Spec Clutches still holding up.....

It really amazes me how some parts can last for such a long time....

One example are the SPEC clutches that we are using for our Drift 101 cars. I have not replaced or rebuilt any of the clutches yet.

After 2 years and over 20 students per car, these clutches are still working well.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Multi-purpose Drift car

One of our Drift 101 cars being used to record sounds for a video game....

This is Mike....

This is Big Mike. He is one of our sponsors. He learned the basics and we should expect to see him drifting in his own car very soon.....

Thanks again. Nexen, Inland Drift and Tom Flowers at On Track Motorsports...

Monday, June 15, 2009

Megan mega checks!!!

Another new drifter amongst us...

Thank you Gianni V. Caruso and family for coming out!

As always I want to thank the following:

JP Mendoza (instructor)
Terry Pham (Pit and staff)
Inland Drift
Nexen Tires
Megan Racing
Spec Clutches
On Track Motorsports

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Something cool about old racing photos

Got this photo from

Very cool

Hubert Youngs car is for sale...

Motorsport Dynamics built this car for me in 2004 and was campaigned in the round 3 (Sonoma) and 4 (Irwindale) in Formula Drift inaugural year. Made best 16 both times. Participated in the XDL at GT Live in late 2004. In 2005, the car was campaigned once again in Formula D with Conrad Grunewald behind the wheel and he made podium at Houston Texas. The car was used for one test day and one time attack in late 2005 and then it was garaged until Oct 2006 when it was shipped to Beijing China for a World Drift Series demo. After that in 2007, we reworked the car and painted it yellow with a new body kit. Also, we pulled the SR and put a supercharged VQ35 in it. However, we could not make the car handle right and the project was shelved due to insufficient time to test. So we put the SR with a fresh bottom end back in the car and it started but we never went forward to install start switch and other accessories. But it will only take a little work to get it started again. The car has been garaged ever since and recently I moved to a new house and it's now on my driveway. We have new plans for 2010 and I need to free up funds and space for the other project. So this is my loss and your gain. One more thing: Unfortunately, we could not get the title because the chassis was a junked car (with only minor body damage before, chassis was straight) donated to us. We had to go to DMV with smog-legal running engine, and tail lights to obtain the title. We built this car to be a race car so there was no way we could have passed the DMV visual and smog. I recently went down to DMV to inquiry and they told me the same thing, no exception.

- $7,500 for everything listed below
- $4,500 without items listed under "Engine" and "Drivetrain"

Chassis - S14 Kouki project, super light weight, all unnecessary stuff is stripped away - built by Henry Chung from Motorsport Dynamics - Full chassis stitch welding with front strut tower reinforcements - Roll cage (need extra door cross bars to make it legal for competition), we already added the cross bar at the spot at one of the FD competitions but it's not that nice. - Nicely stripped interior - Doors are stripped
Engine (option)
- 96 SR20DET blacktop with HKS valve springs, rocker arm retainer, APEX 86mm headgasket, S15 T28 turbo (fresh bottom end) - Greddy intercooler and piping - Blitz blow offv valve - Fluidyne radiator + flexifan combo
Drivetrain (option) - SR20 5-speed Transmission (no grinds) - Nismo light weight flywheel for SR20 - Exedy hyper single clutch (only 1 event)
- Tie rod ends with spacers to eliminate bump steer - S15 rear subframe - Energy Suspension Bushings - Rear toe links (brand unknown) - Rear traction links (brand unknown) - Rear sub-frame spacers set (brand unknown) - Rear control arm (brand unknown)
- Fresh yellow paint (inside and out) - AIT S14 Kouki D1 Series body kit (front/rear bumpers and sideskirts) - AIT S14 D1 Series front and rear 30mm over fenders - VIS CF hood - No rear windows
- Walbro 255 lph fuel pump - Custom fuel lines - Lots of misc stuff, kill switch, relays, etc...

- Have lots of other performance parts available for sale that came off of this car. At 2006 Formula D Irwindale before we reworked the car with yellow paint and new body kit:

Sunday, June 7, 2009


A little something that still makes me laugh

The heat is coming. I hope you guys are ready!

Summer is not here yet and I am starting to notice that a lot of cars are poorly prepared for the heat. Here is some advice...

-Stop using coolant on your cars!.. For some reason everyone thinks its the miracle fluid that fixes everything. If you car is overheating, then coolant will not fix it. I prefer the old fashion method of fixing the problem.. I know its not for everyone, but it actually works. I only use water wetter for all of my non-daily driving vehicles. It is a lot better for the track surface too.

-Radiators. There are a lot of places that sell OEM style radiators with an extra row for cooling. I usually try and get mine with 2 rows or more. Most cars from the factory use a 1 row radiators so start investing a dual row radiator. It doesn't have to be fancy either...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The most comprehensive S14 build ever

We are not worthy....

You must go through every page of this remarkable restoration. It's kind of weird since its an S14 but you will still be amazed.. The picture doesn't show much, but it is awesome..

Here is the link... Not sure if you need to register on the forums.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Old school photo of the week....

Hi Ken from 5 years ago....

He just posted a blog about his day at El Toro. Check it out at

New Ken Block video

It's posted on their DC shoes website that the video will launch at 12:00 pm today. Can't wait to see it.