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Bad ass Porsche

It's simple, clean and exactly what I would love to drive everyday...

To read more on this car, you can visit

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Irwindale and 2011.....

The season is officially over! What is there to say... Let me start off by recaping our drivers results at Irwindale.

Taka Aono. Coming into the last event, I was hoping to see some serious laps by our veteran driver and he did. On Thursday's practice, he took the usual route of taking it easy which actually made me nervous. I even thought he was playing safe that weekend but he didn't and made quite an impression on the track.

Friday's qualifying came and he went for it and scored a solid 70.8 putting him in a respectable 22nd for Saturday's main event. Taka was paired up against Ken Gushi. Ken, being the higher qualifier led first. As they left the starting line, I see Taka pulling away from Ken going into the first turn.... Taka slowed down waiting for Ken to catch up but Taka, almost at the initiation point, had no choice but to lift losing all momentum as Ken finally passed him into the first corner giving no chance for the AE86 to keep up. I thought that it should have been a re-do but the damage was done and Ken moved on....

Alex Pfeiffer might have had the worst event yet as he didn't qualify into top 32 with what everyone else thought was a great qualifying run. Alex knew he wasn't going to hit the required speeds, so he focused on style and line, which I thought he nailed... The judges didn't think so, and he scored a 50.9.

Cyrus Martinez was doing well and he could have qualified higher on his second run IF he didn't have clutch problems. Luckily his first qualifying run was high enough to take 30th into Saturday's main event. His run against Tyler was interesting to say the least. Cyrus went for it getting as close to Tyler going into bank. As they were coming into the smaller bank, Cyrus reached for his E-brake handle and accidentally turned off his car mid turn. For his second run, he went for it again but maybe too much. He scraped the wall mid-bank and couldn't continue the course breaking a few suspension parts along the way.

John Russakoff aka. "Murphy" had issues again coming into the last round. He had to return back to his shop on Thursday with some engine problems and came back on Friday only hit the wall on Friday's morning practice. With bent front control arm and rear axle, he did his best to replace them both with the help of Tom Flowers and did his best to get back in time for qualifying. Unfortunately, the car was not well and John just couldn't drive the car.

To sum up my personal thoughts on the season, I would have to say the I am very regretful and happy for the drivers this year. Taka should have killed it this year with his new motor and "no hold" attitude but it just didn't happened the way it was supposed to. He still kept his head high and did what ever it took to stay in the game. I don't think everyone knows but he sacrificed a lot in order to finish this season.

Alex Pfeiffer is a stand up guy and although we had our differences this year, we got along better as the season progressed. I don't think any driver in the field could have done a better job driving the Megan 350z car. We have seen what a driver is willing to do to show his frustration, but Alex didn't and I commend him on that.

What we saw from Cyrus this year was a mature and focused driver. I am proud of who he has become and I think he has a future as a driver in this sport.

John Russakoff. What can I say about his first complete season this year? I think what made his season so tough was that he was the main focus of the team after a 4th place finish in Atlanta. Some people call it bad luck, I say "Let's see happens next year".

I would like to thank everyone that helped the team which includes the following:

Yoshie Shuyama
Robert Penado
Daniel Anguiano
Mac Crook
Tom Lee
Chiemi Russakoff
Tom Flowers
Megan Racing
Mike at Nexen Tire USA
Mark Aldaba
Jp Mendoza
John Yim
K1 Race Gear
Jeff Jones
Steve Reyes
Larry Chen
Intek Racing

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Route 66 burn off...

This was an event I co-organized at the National Orange show.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


It was definately a long and hot weekend for the team. All 4 drivers did their best and I wanted to thank each one of them for putting in the hard work.

Alex Pfeiffer- Another tough weekend for Alex. It seemed even tougher as most of the other cars are continuing to get faster while the Z seems to be less stellar each round. His first qualifying run was clean but the Z just didn't hit the minimum speed requirements to get him into top 32.

Taka Aono. Taka was probably the biggest surprise as I simply could not understand how he did not make top 32 with his qualifying runs.

Cyrus Martinez. With a decent run into top 32 he was paired up against JR Vaughn Gitten on Saturdays main event. The battle was a good one but Cyrus couldn't beat JR and advance into top 16.

John Russakoff. This was probably the most interesting story of the weekend for team Megan Racing. John was very confident coming into this round rechecking every detail on his motor after having engine problems in Seattle.

During Thursday's practice, he starting having engine problems again. He lost compression in one of his cylinders and decided to head back to his shop in California and bring back his other engine. After the lengthy trip, he managed to get the motor in and make a qualifying run. Unfortunately, he spun on his run and failed to qualify into the main day

I wanted to thank our sponsors for their support and I hope to get better results at the next round.

See you in Irwindale.

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Looking at something different to drive.

I just found this photo at

It got me thinking about doing something different...

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First off, it was very nice to see all 4 members on track again. All of the team members got to the event with no major hurdles.

Overall, my impressions of Seattle are good. We had plenty of spectators come by the pit and we had something to celebrate at the end of the event.

Cyrus Martinez
definitely shined this weekend. He put on a great show against Conrad for the top 32 battle advancing him into top 16 for the first time in Formula D. This was a great moment for him and the team.

Taka Aono is always favored at Seattle but he had issues that prevented him from advancing to main day. On Friday's practice, his steering locked coming off the bank which caused him to go nose first into the barrier right before qualifying. Thanks to Alex Pfeiffer and Robert Penado, they managed to get the car fixed and ready for qualifying. Unfortunately, there was more damage to the car then he had anticipated and failed to qualify in the top 32 round. Oil was leaking from his cracked oil pan and he soon had no choice but to bow out for the weekend.

Alex Pfeiffer put on a great qualifying run putting him in 17th to run against rookie Alex Lee. Alex did his best but couldn't advance into top 16.

John Russakoff did his best to rebuild a new car in time for the event, but he had problems all weekend trying to trace a sputtering problem in his motor. We certainly hope to see the car's full potential in Las Vegas.

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Larry Chen from Speedhunters was nice enough to send us some photos from FD Florida.


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Drift Atlanta

Very interesting weekend to say the least. I would have to say that it was a good experience overall.
Let's start with the obvious. John Russakoff placed 4th. Congrats to him and the rest of the team for making it happen. It was definately a tough finish for him as he had electrical and gearbox issues the entire weekend. He really did come through driving his car as he went up against drivers like Chris Forsberg, Toshiki Yoshioka and Dai.
Taka Aono. I'm really feeling for him as he was doing great the entire weekend and he should have given Ryan Tuerck a run for his money. Unfortunatley, he had issues with his car as he was about to line up for his top 32 battle against the Camaro.
Alex Pfeiffer did a lot better than the scores showed. Not sure why he ended qualifying 33rd but I think he did whatever could to keep that car looking as good as it did. Even though that was his third event in that car, I think the results will soon follow.
Cyrus Martinez was focused and once again went up against Chris Forsberg for a second year in a row at Atlanta. Cyrus has shown a lot improvement since he was there last year and I am sure Chris noticed it.
Thanks to everyone including our sponsors for the support.

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Team Megan Racing finishes 2nd at XDC

Alex Pfeiffer driving the Megan Racing 350z finishes 2nd at Round 2 of XDC in Arizona. The podium finish comes straight after 2 consecutive weekends of competition (Formula Drift and Team Drift).

The time behind the 350z was exactly what Alex needed to continue develop of the car and have him ready for Round 2 of Formula Drift in Atlanta.

We are expecting better results at the next event with the new tires provided by Nexen. The Nexen n6000 for the rears might help Alex and the car keep up with the competition.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The season has started for Team Megan Racing.

Round 1. Long Beach California. I have mixed feelings about this event. I am very pleased with the reaction our team has recieved. The overall look of the team was fantastic and we got a lot of praise for our "new" look. All four drivers did advance into Saturday with reasonable scores. Even the untested and completely revised Megan 350z surpased my expectations with Alex Pfeiffer behind the wheel. Moving to Saturday, I soon became frustrated to see all of our team members getting knocked out one by one. Not a single member of our team made into the top 16 spot which is very frustrating. I hope to see the team do better in Atlanta. I would like to thank a few people that helped make my journey a little better. Tom Flowers who came in during late hours to help do some final touches on the 350z before tech and round 1. Taka Aono. Your advice for the team has always made our lives easier at the Megan camp. Danny Aguiano. Thanks for the hard work even though you owe me 20 packs of cigarettes Nexen Tires Megan Racing K1 Race Gear Larry Chen of Speedhunters Julian for the great photos Thanks everyone. See you guys at the next round.

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I'm vinyled out....

While I tried to finish the 4 Megan cars with new graphics....

I even found some time to d
o Aasbo's helmet too....

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K1 Racegear sponsors Team Megan Racing

Team Megan Racing will have really cool suits made by K1 Racegear.

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Meet your Megan Racing Team

From left to right.

Alex Pfeiffer
Cyrus Martinez
Taka Aono
John Russakoff

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Imported from Taka?

Hmmmm... I'm just saying....

BTW.. This design has been out since 09...

Just saying...

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Another cool video...

Saw this on Build Thread... Very cool...

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Pac Autobody

Pac Autobody will once again help out the Megan Racing Team

Ozzie was great last year putting up with our last minute paint requests. Hopefully, it won't be as stressful to him or his workers....

Thanks Ozzie... Let's have a great year.

We hit the big leagues...

In a small way...

and check this out...

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Formula 1

Does anyone else miss tobacco advertisements on Formula 1 cars?

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My time line of "haters"

There seems to be a big discussion with all the drivers running v8's in Formula Drift.

Well, there has always been haters on forums and here is my time line of big hate subjects over the years... Some of you guys probably don't even realize how far back the some of these topics go..

Club4ag vs. "S" chassi
s... I remember when we used to host the early Drift Days under Club4ag, people started to hate on the new comers driving their S13's. People were saying things like "The S13 is too easy to drift".

East Coast vs West Coast. There was a time when geography also started this huge debate as to whether the East coast drivers are as good as the West coast drivers... There were numerous people saying if they had the same opportunity as the West coast guys that they would be just as great.

Grassroots vs. Pros. Do you remember how many people started to hate on Rhys Millen or Samuel Hubinette when they started to enter Drifting events? There was a huge debate over these particular drivers entering drifting events. Some said that the sport should be kept for the grassroots drivers.

GM and Ford entering Formula D and D1
. That was another "hate" topic with people saying that drifting is going to die like import drag racing.

Now it's the whole V8 thing. What's next?

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Alex Pfeiffer signs with Megan Racing for 2011

As of today Alex Pfeiffer signed an agreement with Megan Racing to drive in the Formula Drift series for 2011.

He will driving the Megan Racing 350z twin turbo VQ engine which has been completely rebuilt for 2011.

Alex will now be the forth and final addition to Team Megan Racing and we are expecting great
things this year with him on board.

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Hello Matt, Tyler, Robbie and Bryan

I added a few drivers to my blog list.. Go see what they are up to... Looks like they are doing a whole lot more than I am..

Robbie Nishida

Tyler McQuarrie

Bryan Rogers

Matt Powers

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It's not about horses....

Instead, it's a great site about building and restoring bikes.. Like the one shown below..

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John Russakoff signs with Megan Racing

John Russakoff has been officially signed on as a Megan Racing sponsored driver for the 2011 Formula Drift Season. He will be driving with teammates Taka Aono and Cyrus Martinez who have also signed with Megan Racing for their second year.

2011 FD schedule

Here we go again!

1 Streets of Long Beach Long Beach, CA April 8-9
2 Road to the Championship Road Atlanta Atlanta, GA – May 6-7
3 Invasion – Palm Beach International Raceway Palm Beach, FL – June 3-4
4 The Gauntlet Wall Speedway Wall, NJ – June 17-18
5 Throwdown Evergreen Speedway Monroe, WA – July 22-23
6 After Dark Las Vegas Motor Speedway Las Vegas, NV August 26-27
7 Title Fight – Toyota Speedway at Irwindale – Irwindale, CA - October 7-8

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2009 Taka video by dead pirates

I'm pretty sure most of you have seen it already but I really enjoy watching it from time to time. I think it's Ross's best work to date....

Taka Aono 2009 Formula D video from Ross Fairfield on Vimeo.

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Mark English and his MR2

There is an article on his car up right now at

Check it out. It's pretty cool.

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Drifter bike...

Found this image on

Megan Racing for 2011

Megan Racing will continue its support for 2011 in the Formula Drift season with its 2 drivers Taka Aono and Cyrus Martinez.

It looks to be a tough season but we are hoping for a successful year.

Our team will continue with the same members and supporters as we had last year which includes.

Naoki Kobayashi
Taka Aono
Cyrus Martinez
Yoshie Shuyama
Robert Penado
"Google" Angelo

I would like to thank Megan Racing for their endless support. I hope to give more interesting news as contracts are signed for this season.

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The Drifting List

It's one of the first sites I visit in the morning so I thought I would show some love by linking them...

Check out their site..