Wednesday, July 27, 2011


First off, it was very nice to see all 4 members on track again. All of the team members got to the event with no major hurdles.

Overall, my impressions of Seattle are good. We had plenty of spectators come by the pit and we had something to celebrate at the end of the event.

Cyrus Martinez
definitely shined this weekend. He put on a great show against Conrad for the top 32 battle advancing him into top 16 for the first time in Formula D. This was a great moment for him and the team.

Taka Aono is always favored at Seattle but he had issues that prevented him from advancing to main day. On Friday's practice, his steering locked coming off the bank which caused him to go nose first into the barrier right before qualifying. Thanks to Alex Pfeiffer and Robert Penado, they managed to get the car fixed and ready for qualifying. Unfortunately, there was more damage to the car then he had anticipated and failed to qualify in the top 32 round. Oil was leaking from his cracked oil pan and he soon had no choice but to bow out for the weekend.

Alex Pfeiffer put on a great qualifying run putting him in 17th to run against rookie Alex Lee. Alex did his best but couldn't advance into top 16.

John Russakoff did his best to rebuild a new car in time for the event, but he had problems all weekend trying to trace a sputtering problem in his motor. We certainly hope to see the car's full potential in Las Vegas.

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