Saturday, April 16, 2011

The season has started for Team Megan Racing.

Round 1. Long Beach California. I have mixed feelings about this event. I am very pleased with the reaction our team has recieved. The overall look of the team was fantastic and we got a lot of praise for our "new" look. All four drivers did advance into Saturday with reasonable scores. Even the untested and completely revised Megan 350z surpased my expectations with Alex Pfeiffer behind the wheel. Moving to Saturday, I soon became frustrated to see all of our team members getting knocked out one by one. Not a single member of our team made into the top 16 spot which is very frustrating. I hope to see the team do better in Atlanta. I would like to thank a few people that helped make my journey a little better. Tom Flowers who came in during late hours to help do some final touches on the 350z before tech and round 1. Taka Aono. Your advice for the team has always made our lives easier at the Megan camp. Danny Aguiano. Thanks for the hard work even though you owe me 20 packs of cigarettes Nexen Tires Megan Racing K1 Race Gear Larry Chen of Speedhunters Julian for the great photos Thanks everyone. See you guys at the next round.

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