Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My time line of "haters"

There seems to be a big discussion with all the drivers running v8's in Formula Drift.

Well, there has always been haters on forums and here is my time line of big hate subjects over the years... Some of you guys probably don't even realize how far back the some of these topics go..

Club4ag vs. "S" chassi
s... I remember when we used to host the early Drift Days under Club4ag, people started to hate on the new comers driving their S13's. People were saying things like "The S13 is too easy to drift".

East Coast vs West Coast. There was a time when geography also started this huge debate as to whether the East coast drivers are as good as the West coast drivers... There were numerous people saying if they had the same opportunity as the West coast guys that they would be just as great.

Grassroots vs. Pros. Do you remember how many people started to hate on Rhys Millen or Samuel Hubinette when they started to enter Drifting events? There was a huge debate over these particular drivers entering drifting events. Some said that the sport should be kept for the grassroots drivers.

GM and Ford entering Formula D and D1
. That was another "hate" topic with people saying that drifting is going to die like import drag racing.

Now it's the whole V8 thing. What's next?

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jamesj11487 said...

I've been following the Formula D for a while now. I've never been a stickler to what cars these teams choose. As long as you’re on the track, I'm watching. I heard recently that Formula D and G4 television have built a contract start airing the races! I am a DISH Network subscriber/employee, and I will definitely be watching Whiddet's RX8 tear it up in HD! Its unfortunate how DirecTV has chosen to drop G4 when it juts got even better!