Friday, December 18, 2009

Worst drivers!!

Not sure if I should make this an annual thing but considering I drive about 50k miles a year, I have noticed a few things.

There are particular drivers that drive these cars that simply suck. This doesn't apply to everyone, just the few that really piss me off. Its not one or two incidents either but generally speaking the people who drive these cars are terrible (in my opinion).

3. Chevy Astro Vans. (no particular color or year)

I have noticed that people who drive Astro vans drive them as slow as possible. I am not sure if its their fault or the van itself but they do love to keep them under the speed limit. For all you Astro owners... Stay away from the fast lane... You have no business being there.. Seriously..

2. Toyota Prius.

What is the deal with some of these drivers? Now that they are more of them on the road, it seems like they are everywhere and the all have a promise to mother earth to drive at 55 mph on the freeways.

I think what is more stupid than a slow Prius driver are the ones who drive them fast. First, when I say "fast", I really mean 80 mph on the freeway... I know they are not fast to begin with but to see a Prius driver zoom by kills the whole purpose of owning one... If you need to get somewhere quicker and you own a Prius.... Leave earlier!

1. Honda Odyssey (2006-present)

I don't know where to start with this one. Honda probably makes the best minivan in the world and I am sure that they handle as well as any sedan on the road today. But seriously, what is the deal with them tailgating and driving like they have been holding their piss for 3 hours? Is every soccer mom that owns one always in a hurry or did Honda really build an F1 car that seats 7+ people? And Dads... Don't even try and look cool driving one... Put the aviator sunglasses away and drive the speed limit because.... YOU are driving a minivan!!!!

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hahaha!! this is funny!