Wednesday, February 15, 2012


It's been a while...  A long while since I have posted anything on here.  I hoping to change that since I plan to upgrade my methods of communication.

I finally got a new "smart" phone which will allow me to do more updates and I also plan to upgrade my computer as well.

Since I have 2 jobs in Drifting, I will be updating everyone on both ends of the spectrum.  For now, expect more new updates as we start the Formula Drift season!

I'm sure everyone has been reading about Irwindale Speedway closing down.  Well, this place has more meaning to me that is does for most people.  Why?  Because we go as far back as 2001 when I  proposed the idea of doing a drift event on their parking lot.  Many people don't know this but it nearly took us 4-5 months after our first meeting to host our first event.  One reason was because there wasn't a clear definition on how to insure a drifting event.  They actually had to categorize the event as a gymkhana event (strange that they had a category for gymkhana).

The image above best represents what Irwindale meant to me back then.  It was a time when everyone that worked their enjoyed their job and the had fun.  We stayed late at night prior to each event setting up the course and the staff never billed us for "overtime" or complained about the noise.  Doug Stokes posted up "club4ag" one night we were there setting up.  He was one of the few guys that really believed what we were doing back then.  It was a fun time that will never be replicated.

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