Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New Jersey. Round 4

Jersey, was very hot.  Aside from the heat I saw something different from our driver Taka.  Throughout the weekend I noticed a change in how he drove his new car.  It seems as though he was making changes to his driving to match the power of the car.

This change was most noticeable right before top 32 elimination round when he participated in the open practice session on Saturday.  I saw the Megan Racing AE86 run around the course with a certain smoothness that I haven' t seen until that day.  The car looked graceful and I was confident that Taka would make a great show as he went up against Dai.

The picture below shows how fast Taka was as he pulled away from Dai when he was leading.  Everything was looking great until he misshifted into 3rd and he was making his way around the infield. 

Although he lost to Dai, it was a great match and I strongly believe that Taka will amaze everyone in Seattle if Taka continues to drive he did in New Jersey.  Stay tuned folks because it is going to get awesome.  In the meantime, enjoy some unbelievable shots taken by our own Larry Chen....

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