Wednesday, April 22, 2009

To everyone who likes Taka

Donate and support him! I know there is a lot of you guys that received help from him at one point or another. I think its time we show how much we appreciate all the hard work he has done for us...

-Remember those high 3rd gear courses at Fontana? Yep, that was Taka
-What about the course at Laughlin? Yep, that was Taka.
-You remember those days at Club4ag spending hours reading about his build up. Taka...
-How about the first Drift Day we had at Irwindale. Taka was there.
-What about the time you first complete the course? Taka
-Your first kiss? Taka (hopefully, not with taka)
-Remember when you got your driver's license. Yep, Taka again
-Your first A in high school? Need I say more?

Go to and give lots of money!

Thank you and have a fantastic day!!

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C.B.Leslie said...

Lost my virginity, Taka.