Sunday, April 8, 2012

Long Beach Round 1

This year we embark on a new journey with Taka Aono, our only driver this year for Team Megan. 

The car is finally finished and I see a lot of potential with the car.  Taka did very well qualifying 16th place on Friday and showing what the car has got going up against Matt Powers in the top 32 elimination round. 

Unfortunately, Matt edged out Taka with a split decision and we move forward to competing in Atlanta in a month. 

I have to thank a few people for their help this year as we could not have done it without them.

Megan Racing
Nexen Tires
Turbos by Garrett
Battle Version
Hiros Auto
JSP fabrication
OS Giken
Seibon Carbon
Weir Performance
Watanabe wheels
J-blood body kits
K1 speed
9k Racing

Yoshie Shuyama
Danny Anguiano
Alex Villareal

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