Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Atlanta. Round 2

Road Atlanta was a tough event for Team Megan Racing.  Every member of the team was ready to put on a great show for the loyal fans.  However, it didn't turn out that way as the Megan Racing AE86 ran into a mechanical problem which prevented the team to move forward.  

Everything was looking good as we prepared for Thursday's practice.  The car was running fine and we even brought additional parts as back up for the weekend. 

Taka was looking extrememely fast but on his 6th practice run, he heard the car not running right.  He immediatley pulled back into the pits and started diagnosing the problem.  It turned out that the car was only running on 3 cylinders and we had Paul from Hasselgren come to our pit area to help diagnose the situation.  Paul immediately figured out the problem to be a defective part on the valvetrain and to avoid any further damages to the engine, we opted not to participate for the rest of the weekend. 

The team spent most of the day talking to fans that showed support for Taka and the AE86.  We would like to thank everyone that came by.  Taka would also like to apologize to every fan that was not able to see the new car competing that weekend. 

We would like to thank our very understanding sponsors that took the time to help us make the journey to Atlanta.

Megan Racing
Nexen Tires
Turbos by Garrett
Paul and Doug at Hasselgren

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