Monday, November 2, 2009

Club4ag meet was.... well....

Very interesting to say the least...

A few highlights...

-I was late for my own event after 8 years...
-Moto and a few other OG guys showed up for the event..
-I had a really good hair day on Sunday
-Some (not all) are still devoted to their 86's
-Nick from Vegas Drift is a great person and awesome organizer.

And the winners of the competition are..

Fastest Autocross Time - Chris Anderson
Drift Competition - Alex Villareal
Club4AG Car Show award - Chris Anderson
Boro Boro Car Show Award - Yesvin
Street Driven Car Show Award - Edwin
AE86 Nights Car Show Award - Daniel Suzuki

Garage Queen Car Show Award - Alex Villareal

This might be one of the best photos anyone has ever captured....

Look at Alex's smile right before....

The funny thing is 1 year ago Alex took a photo of us doing the exact same thing to Cyrus.. Aren't we learning yet?

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