Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Not a bad weekend....

Last Saturday, Cyrus Martinez received his Formula Drift License at the Pro Am Nationals. Since he rarely updates his blog and he doesn't have his own website yet, I will thank his sponsors and supporters for him.....

First, he would like to thank his best friend and mentor, Me (Naoki Kobayashi). He would probably say something like: "I wouldn't be where I am at if it wasn't for Naoki. He is the greatest guy I have ever met in a non-homosexual way".

Then, there are his true supporters....

Taka Aono
Melonie Mancinas
Tom Flowers
Naoki Kobayashi (Yes, I am putting my name again....It's my blog)
Micheal Essa
Alex Pfeiffer
Naoki Kobayashi (It's still my blog)
Kat Tanaka
His Parents
Andy Luk
Fan boy aka. Jarod...

His Sponsors..
Megan Racing
Nexen Tires
G Dimension
HD Speed
ONTRACK motorsports
Battle Version
XXR wheels
Sinful Enhancement

Thank you....

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